11/26/07 Pic of the Day

Diablo, aka the Villain's horse, and me Hee hee!!  Today I was given a tour of the Excalibur stables!!!  My dad's friend's daughter works there, and she offered to show me around.  It was so cool!  I was able to pet the stars of the show, and I even met the barn cat.  All of […]

11/21/07 Pic of the Day

One of the babies not looking too happy about having to stand still. Not much to say today.  Not sure what the posting schedule will be like over the holiday weekend, so if you celebrate Turkey Day, have a happy one.  Heck, have a great weekend even if you don't.  Me, I'll be busy eating.  […]

11/15/07 Pic of the Day

The grass is always greener... Doesn't it figure that I'd wake up this morning feeling like crap? I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. I had a terrible headache, and now I have a lingering and distracting sore throat. I always get sick just in time for the holidays or a horse show, and […]

11/13/07 Pic of the Day

Here is my girl before her first class at the first show we ever took her to. She gets so excited in the halter classes that she jumps and stands up, and just makes an utter fool of herself.  She was like that at the first show this year, too.  Maybe she's just so happy […]