Puppy Snugglies!

Bentley After the horse show last weekend, I took things a little easier during the week to recover.  Tuesday I took off, and during the Wednesday lesson I rode Nyk.  It was pretty uneventful. Thursday at the other barn was really tough because I hadn’t been pushing myself.  Standing changes the first way were torture, […]

Spring Show – Abbreviated Version

Nyk and my awesome hat Here is a quick wrap up of the show last weekend.  While I enjoy showing in the Coliseum, the fairgrounds are an utter dump.  The same trash was strewn about the grounds from the ASHAM show, and as it's the governor's fondest desire to close it down completely so it […]

Status Quo

Leela The week has been pretty uneventful, other than being very busy.  Had mixed success during the week with both horses, but had great rides today.  Tuesday I rode Blondie with a show bridle, and she was her usual skittish, spooky self.  I am getting better at giving on the bridle, even when she is […]

The New Countdown Begins

Me and Blondie Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the horse show!  It has flown by!  The euphoria is starting to fade, so it’s a good thing that there’s another one in two weeks.  I am counting down the days. I am all fired up now with the successes at the […]

Show Wrap-up

This horse show was just brutal in terms of getting anything else done during the show.  The storms yesterday brought the pace of the show to a screeching halt, too, and it took forever for the evening session to wrap up.  Audie was in the last class, so I stayed to watch her go, but […]

Morning Session

The morning session was freaking crazy.  M and Zoe almost missed their class, and then Laurie got confused and had to get dressed in about 3 minutes.  Fun times all around.  Zoe was extremely flustered by having to rush, and I don’t blame her for being upset about that.  It’s stressful enough going into a […]

Quick Update from the Show

It is way past my bedtime, so here is the quick version of tonight’s events. Tonight was the first time that I would be riding Nyk at a real show.  Things are always crazy the first night of a show, so I didn’t get to warm him up beyond a trot in each direction.  Then […]

Waiting for the Games to Begin

Show season is fast approaching, and that means lots of work trying to get ready for it.  Winter returned briefly last weekend, and I hope that it’s gone for good before the show.  It’s not much fun sitting around when it’s only about 30 degrees. Tuesday I rode Harley, and we did some no stirrup […]