Puppy Snugglies!

Bentley After the horse show last weekend, I took things a little easier during the week to recover.  Tuesday I took off, and during the Wednesday lesson I rode Nyk.  It was pretty uneventful. Thursday at the other barn was really tough because I hadn’t been pushing myself.  Standing changes the first way were torture, […]

Status Quo

Leela The week has been pretty uneventful, other than being very busy.  Had mixed success during the week with both horses, but had great rides today.  Tuesday I rode Blondie with a show bridle, and she was her usual skittish, spooky self.  I am getting better at giving on the bridle, even when she is […]

The New Countdown Begins

Me and Blondie Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the horse show!  It has flown by!  The euphoria is starting to fade, so it’s a good thing that there’s another one in two weeks.  I am counting down the days. I am all fired up now with the successes at the […]

Waiting for the Games to Begin

Show season is fast approaching, and that means lots of work trying to get ready for it.  Winter returned briefly last weekend, and I hope that it’s gone for good before the show.  It’s not much fun sitting around when it’s only about 30 degrees. Tuesday I rode Harley, and we did some no stirrup […]

Obstacles are Nothing!

Last week was a rather hectic week, so here’s a quick update - The chiropractor was out on Wednesday, and both of my ponies were out of commission for a few days afterwards.  Blondie was especially messed up, and she could hardly walk after getting realigned.  She must have slipped on the ice when she […]

Riding Update

Last week I had a couple of really good riding lessons.  The weather is finally starting to warm up, too, so spending time at the barn isn’t so unpleasant. Tuesday, I rode Nyk in a show bridle for the first time.  It went very well.  He didn’t pull on the bridle and he just trucked […]

The Sunday of My Discontent

I had a pretty crappy day today.  I don’t usually blog about the crapper side of life, preferring to focus on the positive, but there wasn’t much positive to zero in on today.  I should have skipped riding, or better yet, just stayed in bed. I headed out to the barn, and knew that things […]

Plugging Along

The weather took an epic turn for crap.  Last Friday was 70 degrees, less than a week later it was in the twenties.  I'm so tired of winter!  It's getting me down and making it difficult to focus on my goals.  The gloomy weather - rain since Saturday, snow today, is having a major effect […]