Still Kicking!

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog. I have been busy with work, and I didn’t really have much to say.  It is probably not very interesting to read about how many times I walk, trot, and canter around the arena during lessons.  Show season has kicked off for the summer, so […]

OKC and Me!

OKC Disclaimer – Sorry, I didn’t proofread this.  If you’d like to point out errors, I’ll fix them later.  thanks I made it to OKC after getting a later start for the airport than planned, and running into bumper to traffic on the freeway.  It sucked.  We got to the airport with enough time to […]

Facing the Future

The awesomeness that is Gizmo Things have been a little quiet on here on the blog, due to a number of reasons.  The first is that I am just so busy, it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm to write a post after every lesson.  The second is me having to deal with disappointment over […]

There is Never Enough!

There is never enough time to get everything accomplished that I have planned for the day.  Look at this blog.  I haven’t posted in a week, even though it’s been on my to do list for the entire time!  Here’s the quick run down of the horsy events for the past few days - I […]

So Sorry – COMIN’ THRU!

Nyk, behaving himself Here’s a quick run down of our trip down to Dayton.  I always mean to write these posts when I’m actually at the show, but I usually don’t have time.  I’m not quite sure why, because it never seems like I do much at the shows other than worry about falling off […]

Steady as She Goes

  DeeDee Sorry for the lack of updates.  I gathered up my mobile blogging unit and took it to Anime Expo the week before last.  The evening before I left, I rode Blondie, and we worked on canter transitions.  That is something that I still need a lot of help with, and if I am […]

Mixed Bag

Jimmy Well, I'm back from my first regional Morgan show.  I'll always remember this Gold Cup more for the food and catching the plate on fire in the microwave than for the actual horsie events.  In terms of performance, it was disappointing and has made me think about a lot of things, namely whether or […]

Spring Show – Abbreviated Version

Nyk and my awesome hat Here is a quick wrap up of the show last weekend.  While I enjoy showing in the Coliseum, the fairgrounds are an utter dump.  The same trash was strewn about the grounds from the ASHAM show, and as it's the governor's fondest desire to close it down completely so it […]

Show Wrap-up

This horse show was just brutal in terms of getting anything else done during the show.  The storms yesterday brought the pace of the show to a screeching halt, too, and it took forever for the evening session to wrap up.  Audie was in the last class, so I stayed to watch her go, but […]

Afternoon Session

The name the of the game this afternoon was rain, rain, rain.  It just poured at around 1pm, then it was touch and go after that.  It rained so much that the classes were warming up in the arena because it was too muddy in the warm up ring, and nobody wanted shoes pulled off.  […]