And You Think You Had a Bad Day

more animals I’ve had a bad day, or this wouldn’t be so funny.  Check out I Can Has Cheeseburgers for more cute animals with silly captions.  It’s one of my favorites sites, and I don’t start my day without it.

Test Drive #1

I must be nuts, because I'm looking for another horse.  It has been fun leasing Classi, but the summer is almost over, and she'll be going back home.  So, I have scraped together every last penny I can find, and I'm in the market for another pony. Last night I looked at another Saddlebred. He […]

Update Post

  Since I am on horsie hiatus until Monday, here's a quick post of life to the moment - My new hobby is playing with my new HE washer and dryer, which Dean seems to think is really weird.  If you are going to spend that much money on appliances, you should enjoy them.  I […]

I Love Your Blog Award

Major thanks to Beckz for admitting, publicly, that she enjoys my blog.  Thanks for giving me the "I Love Your Blog  Award"!  It makes me happy that someone other than my parents tune in to my horsy adventures and that she doesn't think that I've lost my mind (unlike some other people!)  Beckz helms I […]

Teeth Suck!

I have been suffering from incredible pain since yesterday.  The whole left side of my mouth feels like a horse stepped on my face.  I went to the dentist today, and thankfully, nothing has abscessed.  Instead, my lower front teeth have shifted again, causing a lot of pressure on the teeth.  The shooting pains are […]

Too Chilly for the Barn

Well, with a wind chill advisory and temps hovering at about 3 degrees (-22 with the wind chill!), I decided to stay home this morning and not venture out into the cold.  Almost everyone was going to the tack sale in South Lyon today, anyway.  D was going to be at the barn to shoe […]

Here in Okemos!

There's another academy show tomorrow morning, so Jen and I are having a slumber party in Okemos.  We ate at a new place in Novi, Pei Wei, before heading out.  The food was a little on the expensive side for what you got, and not very remarkable.  Jen ordered the Spicy Korean with beef, which […]

The Lesson that Wasn’t

Today's lesson was canceled.  There was no power at the barn, and with the blustery weather, M thought a lot of people wouldn't show anyway.  It was so cold when I got up this morning!  From 47 to 10 overnight - Michigan sucks.  The wind was blowing fiercely, and the back door was frozen shut.  […]