The Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I went tie shopping with Rich.  When I planned the outing, I forgot that it was Sweetest day.  Good thing  Dean doesn't think too highly of made up holidays, and didn't care that I was going out.  He was, of course, invited, but he begged off.  Since he hates going to the mall, I […]

Lesson 3, Block 6

It was a chilly night on Friday, and I  dread the approaching winter.  Harley already has his winter blankie on.  I guess his old bones are more susceptible to the cold. I rode Harley.  We worked on no stirrups for the first part of the lesson. Having not ridden regularly for 2 weeks, my legs […]

Blondie’s a High Point Winner!!

I received a letter in mail yesterday informing me that I'm the winner of a high point award!  Blondie actually won the prize, in her in-hand classes.  The awards are going to be presented on 11/04 at the awards banquet, which is also the weekend of Youma Con.  Now I don't know what to do.  I'd rather […]

Lesson 2, Block 6

Well, show season is finally over!  Lessons resumed at the barn, and all of the saddlebred people were there for a change. I haven't seen some of them in over a month! M informed me that Gio won a world championship class.  After he won, D told her to call me and let me know […]

An Evening at ASHAM

 Last night, Karla and I headed over the the MSU Pavillion for the ASHAM horse show.  Roxanne was riding, so we went to cheer her on.  After a semi rough class, she finished 5th on a horse that hasn't been shown in a couple of years.The pavillion is really nice, and I wish they would […]