Sick again!

I went to the doctor's yesterday to see if he could do something about my allergies.  They have been terrible for about 3 weeks now.  I only decided to go because I happened to remember that my DS was in the car, along with an unopened copy of FFIII.  I hate waiting in the office […]

Lesson 7.8

Wednesday night I rode Gio in the group lesson.  When M told me to start getting Blondie ready, I was really excited, until she said that D would be riding her, and I would be riding Gio 🙁 The group was very small; lots of people have ditched town for the holidays.  It was just […]

Lesson 7.7

M has been teaching lessons at another barn on Tuesdays, and I decided to schedule one today to check out the place. It's in Fenton, and it's a Saddlebred barn; it has a long dirt aisle, so you can ride up and down it, with a bullpen at one end.  The arena is also long and […]

Lesson 7.6

Yesterday was another mild day, with a high of 55!  It's been raining for about a week, which is causing chaos with my allergies, but I much prefer this weather to the bitter cold and mounds of snow we usually suffer with in Michigan.  This lesson was like an early Christmas present!  I was M's last […]

Lesson 7.5

  Still stinging from my painfully embarrassing lesson on Sunday, I headed over to the barn, wondering what horse M would have me ride.  When I arrived, D was getting Blondie ready for a workout, so I was able to watch her work.  I felt a little better after, as he picked up the wrong […]

Lesson 7.4

Friday night lessons have become lunge line lessons, which means lots of no stirrup and no reins work.  Yuck. This lesson was on Doc, who is turning out to be a dependable lunge line lesson horse.  He has an easy trot, but a rough canter, and because he's rather lazy, he has a habit of […]