Lesson 7.15

Friday night's lesson was on Harley.  We worked on leg yields, side passes, and turning on the haunches.  Since Harley is a wonder horse, he did everything I asked, whether or not I was cueing him correctly.  This is part of the problem with riding him, and when I move on to harder horses, I […]

Lesson 7.14

  After sliding through the snow to the farm, I found that there would only be three of us brave enough (or stupid enough) to fight the huge snow flakes that started falling about 3.  It was cold and with many layers of clothes to hinder my movements, I waddled from my car to the […]

Lesson 7.13

I had to cancel Wednesday's lesson because I still wasn't feeling well, and with the drop in temperature, I didn't want to risk prolonging my illness.  Tonight we kept the lesson short, and M had me ride Harley since I'm still not feeling 100%. We worked on canter transitions.  I lean forward and try to […]

UPHA Academy Show

Today dawned cold and sleety.  I was less than thrilled to see the layer of ice that had accumulated on the deck and on my car.  I started to wonder (read panic)  if I had given myself enough time to get ready and drive to East Lansing, but my fears proved unfounded.  Despite driving in a […]

Lesson 7.12

I am sick again, and haven't had the energy to blog.  Especially after a freezing riding lesson.  Here's the scoop on Wednesday's class. It was cold enough that M dragged the turbo heater out of storage and had it blasting away when I arrived at the barn.  It didn't seem all that cold as I […]