Lesson 7.19

Harley  Friday's lesson was with Harley on a long line.  As we got started, I asked if I was sitting deep enough in the saddle, and M said that I was.  And I pretty much continued to do so the rest of the lesson.  So it seems that my problem is with Blondie more than […]

Lesson 7.18

This post is late because I didn't want to share my frustrations yet.  I had a horrible lesson that started on Blondie, but because I having such an awful time riding her, I was switched to Sammy.  Here are the hideous details: Once again, the temps were in the low teens.  It takes total dedication or […]

UPHA Academy Show –

My first class on Saturday was at 10.  The show was pushed back an hour because of the temperatures.  M & D brought their turbo heater, so it was fairly warm by our horses, and their were 2 huge turbo heaters blasting away near the arena.  Too bad they ran out of fuel at about […]

Lesson 7.17

It was another frigid evening, but I thought of a new way to keep warm.  I taped a hand warmer to the back of my vest!  Why didn't I think of using those little wonders last year?  Like on Sunday, only my little fingers were cold; the rest of me was warm as toast. Tonight's […]

Sunday at the Barn – Brrrrr!

Ok, what kind of idiot goes horseback riding when it's 3 degrees?  You guessed it!  Me! I did discover the winning combination for keeping warm. I made a mad dash to Dick's yesterday and purchased an Under Armour compression cold gear shirt, balking at the $80 price tag.  80 bucks!  For an undershirt!  I am […]