Lesson 8.8

During Wednesday's lesson, I rode Blondie.  There were five of us in attendance for the lesson, including Maggie, who rode Sammy for the first time.  She's a really good rider, and she didn't have any problems with him.  Her weakness seems to be pattern work. M put cones out to make the ring about the same […]

Lesson 8.7

Friday night's lesson was on Harley.  This was a "work on me" lesson.  I haven't ridden him in a while, so I didn't really mind.  It's challenging to try to get him trotting square and flat walking.  He used to weave along the rail, but I can make him walk a straight line now.  Finally, after […]

Lesson 8.6

Despite the rain, the temperature was rather pleasant. I didn’t even take my sweatshirt to the barn. I did stash a hand warmer in my vest, because I’m always afraid that I will be cold. Wednesday was a small class. There were only four of us, and M had me ride Sammy since Kim wasn’t […]

Lesson 8.4

M and Sammy Wednesday was another wonderful evening for horseback riding!  Most of the snow has melted (finally), and has created a soupy mess of the parking area at the barn.  I had to carefully make my way through the mud, because I was afraid I would slip and fall.  What a mess that would […]