Lesson 9.3

Wednesday's lesson was on Sammy.  I hopped on, and when he started to trot, I thought I was going to fall off!  What happened to my easy lesson?  Sammy was really strutting his stuff, to the point M had me raise my stirrups a hole.  I spend the whole lesson concentrating extra hard on not […]

Sunday at the Barn

Spring is here!  Is it going to stay?  For the sake of my blooming flowers, I sure hope so! First off, I warmed up Harley for Brooke.  He was a little stiff, to say the least.  The horses had their shots last week, and Harley, ever the sensitive beast, was not faring well after his.  […]

Lesson 9.2

Aurora The weather is getting so nice, I'm getting really pumped about the fast approaching show season!  It's hard to feel enthusiastic about anything when it's 20 degrees.  It's good thing that spring is finally starting to roll into town, as I am down to only one package of hand warmers. Wednesday, M asked if […]

Lesson 9.2

Another crappy day! It’s April 11, and it’s snowing! Then, as I was getting ready to go to the barn, it started sleeting. Wonderful! I rode Sammy, because M believes that after struggling with him, I ride better. He can be rather challenging, but in a different way than Blondie. With Blondie, I’m always waiting […]

Lesson 9.1

After escaping early from work with a dreadfully painful sore throat, I tanked up on pain relievers, sneaked in a little nap, and felt well enough to head off for a slightly early riding lesson.  I rode Blondie, and she's rediscovered her fear of the back gate.  This is getting so frustrating!  My leg is not […]

Lesson 8.10

Hmmm, there must be a horse show around the corner because I'm getting sick.  Again!  The change in temperature is really playing havoc with my sinuses, and I've had a sore throat for the past two days.  My annoying, hacking cough has also returned with a vengeance. After digging my cold weather gear back out […]

Oh, no! Not again!!!

*sniff*  I broke the carafe to my coffee maker!!  Again!!!  I bumped it against the sink, and it exploded!  Crap!!  I'm not going to be able to search for another one until this weekend.  Boohoo!!!  What am I going to do until then?  Tea just doesn't pack the same punch, and there's not any place […]