Lesson 10.2

The group lesson on Wednesday was rather small, with just Tina, Maggie and myself. Tina rode Lily, Maggie rode a rather feisty Gio, and I rode Sammy.  I admit that I wasn't especially thrilled to be back on him again after last week's less than successful lesson. It has been unseasonably hot, and last night […]

Lesson 10.1

Friday, of course, dawned damp and chilly, a drastic contrast to earlier in the week.  With the long weekend looming, the weather forecast is decidedly not favorable.  Once I arrived at the barn, though, the sun came out and it felt like spring again.  Lovely! Zeb was the lesson horse on Friday, and Tina and […]

Not Much Fun – A Night at AEC

I am a sleepy dog! Well, we kicked off the holiday weekend in dramatic fashion, which seems to be becoming a habit around here. After a lovely day of running around town, stocking up on flashlights and water softener salt, we had a very tasty lunch at Steve and Rocky's.  Then I met Jen and […]

Lesson 9.10

I rode Sammy for last night's lesson.  It was lovely night for riding.   With a high of 86, there was no nasty humidity to suck the life out of you once you stepped outside.  With my low tolerance for cold temperatures, it was just about as close to a perfect night as they come.  Laurie […]

Lesson 9.9

Monday night I had a line lesson with Doc.  Laurie brought some toys out to the round pen, and had an extremely evil grin on her face.  While I wondered what the hand weights were for, I think I knew what I would be doing with the playdoh and the ball. The reins were tied and […]

MHSA Spring Show Wrap Up

It was a b!tch getting up this morning!  I didn't get much sleep, and I had to be back at the barn by 7:45. Laurie and I were going in the second class, and the show started at 8:30.  Laurie and Audie have been commuting, and they arrived a little after 8 - just in […]