Lesson 10.12

With the extreme heat, M has been re-scheduling as many lessons as possible for the cooler morning hours.  She knows that I work and can't really come much earlier, but she called because she couldn't remember whether or not I had a lesson scheduled for Monday. I arrived at the barn, sweating as soon as […]

Lesson 10.11

Wednesday was a bearable 79 degrees, and it wasn't disgustingly humid.  The lesson riders were Laurie on Gio, Audie on Summer, Maggie on Zeb, Amber on Harley, and me on Jimmy. The lesson was pretty uneventful, though Jimmy and I battled over where he should keep his head.  M said that even though he's more […]

Lesson 10.10

Monday's lesson horse was Jimmy.  It was in the 90s and humid.  Ugh!  The sand in the arena just sticks to everything when it's that hot! We worked on trotting figure 8's at the sitting trot, which was supposed to help with my balance.  After having me make some adjustments, we started cantering figure 8's, […]

Lesson 10.9

Friday night, I rode Blondie.  I remembered to put on spurs this time, and I thought it helped at first.  She started getting long and dropping her head near the end of the lesson, and I just couldn't get her bridled again. We worked on cranking her head back, and keeping her in her bridle. M told […]

Lesson 10.8

For the Wednesday night group lesson, I rode Sammy.  He's a little more subdued now that he's on pasture board, and my arms were given a pleasant respite from having to constantly try to contain his boundless energy.  It was another fun ride on him. There was a large group in attendance.  Laurie rode Gio, […]