Lesson 6

I rode Blondie in last night’s lesson. It was hot and humid, again. Kim and her new horse rode with us. We started at the trot, and I really started wishing that I had remembered to put on my spurs. Blondie does not like the heat, and she was sluggish and not responding to my […]

Day 1 – Crystal Horse Show

Today was the start of the Crystal Horse Show.  I packed up my gear, loaded up my car, and headed off to the show, with a brief stop to check into the spankin' new Quality Inn in Durand.  I am very impressed with my stay so far.  The girl at the front desk was pleasant […]

Lesson 5

The group lesson on Wednesday was rather large, with Abby, Audie, Laurie, Amber, and myself. I rode Jimmy again, and after watching me struggle to get his head up,  M had Laurie adjust the German martingale to the first hole.  On the second hole, it was preventing him from raising his head.  After she adjusted […]

Lesson 4

On Monday, I rode Jimmy.   M was running a little behind, so my private lesson turned into a group lessen with Brooke and Amber.  Brooke rode Doc and Amber rode Harley. It was a good lesson, and I had a nice ride.  Plus, it was an extra half hour because it was a group lesson.  […]

Lesson 1 – Reset!

Harley was the lesson horse last night. Having not worked in a week, he was incredibly stiff and uncomfortable to ride. I was feeling a little sorry for him, but M told me to get after him because he was just putzing along. He did start to annoy me with his constant pulling in the […]

Lesson 10.15

These posts are a little out of order this week.  The Sunday post should be up tomorrow.  It's been one of those weeks. M called me prior to the lesson to ask if I would help her load some 2 year olds onto the trailer.  One hadn't even been in one, so she wasn't sure […]

Lesson 10.14

Last night, I was given two choices about which horse to ride: Wildchild or Zeb. This was a no brainer. After tromping out to the pasture to get Zeb, I put him in Harley's stall to get him ready.  Because he is mentally unbalanced, he won't just stand in the aisle to get ready. No, […]