Pic of the Day

The weather was rather ominous, and as we were under a severe thunderstorm warning, I decided to postpone a visit to the barn until tomorrow.  Now that the rain is coming down hard and heavy, I think I made a good decision.  I didn't want a repeat of last Friday's lesson, and I don't think […]

Lesson 14

Yesterday was so hot and muggy!  After the fall-like weather for the previous few days, summer returned with a vengeance!  It was so humid, everything felt damp and sticky.  Yuck!  Including my horse!  She still had her blanket on, and when I took it off, she was just drenched with sweat.  I started feeling bad […]

Lesson 13

Monday dawned, dim and rainy.  Another fall-like day sandwiched in the middle of summer.  It rained all day, setting a record for accumulation in Metro Detroit, and causing flooding and power outages throughout the area.  Not mine, for change. I sloshed through the mud into the barn, and M asked me what I wanted to do.  […]

Lesson 12

Friday, M asked what I wanted to do for my lesson.  I told her that I wanted to ride my horse!  She told me to get her ready and bring her out when I was finished. She then took Brooke and Harley to the arena to start their lesson. After getting Blondie tacked up, we […]