10/30/07 Pic of the Day

Ah, the view from behind a driving horse is always, er, interesting. Sometimes dangerous, too!  And, in addition to learning a little more about your horse's bowel movements than you'd ever wanted to know, you constantly have dirt kicked into your face!  Plus, if your pony gets really pissed at you, you're right in the […]

10/28/07 Pic of the Day

Little kids and horses always look cute It was freezing this morning!  Literally.  32 degrees at 8 am.  I started feeling very guilty, as last night was Blondie's first full night outside.  Hope she doesn't resent me too much.  Kim went out to the pasture to help me catch Blondie, which turned out to be […]

10/26/07 Pic of the Day

This is DeeDee. She is supposed to be a saddle seat horse, but she's much happier being a hunter. Another exhausting day! And then Blondie was soaked when we were finished with the lesson. I walked her about 20 minutes, and she was still hot! In addition to the bitter cold, I hate winter because […]

10/25/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.6

Ok, so Audie looks really happy, but Gio looks less than thrilled. In fact, he looks like he could bite the next person to cross his path! Last night's lesson was very challenging.  We worked on first trotting, then cantering, spirals.  The exercise is to help the horse become more elastic, and to help the rider learn […]

10/23/07 Pic of the Day

Blondie in the Freedom class in Ludington. She looks like a pointer. No horsey news today, but I did go to the eye doctor's for my annual check-up.  My vision has been causing me some problems, especially when I read or stare stupidly at the computer screen for long periods of time.  Resigned that I needed […]