11/29/07 Pic of the Day

Ah! I remember these days!  Look at the green grass!  This was before that nasty white stuff littered the ground, and made walking across frozen patches of ice on the driveway treacherous.  Even Blondie was a little unsteady last night as we made our way to the barn.  I also noted with dismay that her […]

11/26/07 Pic of the Day

Diablo, aka the Villain's horse, and me Hee hee!!  Today I was given a tour of the Excalibur stables!!!  My dad's friend's daughter works there, and she offered to show me around.  It was so cool!  I was able to pet the stars of the show, and I even met the barn cat.  All of […]

11/25/07 Pic of the Day

Look!  They cos-play in Vegas, too! Today we spent the day just wandering around.  We started the day with the buffet at the Bellagio, which was a whopping $30 per person!  It was wonderful, though, with so many choices!  There was prime rib, lamb, made to order omelettes, fruit, pasties, about 6 different kinds of […]

11/23/07 Pic of the Day

I may in Vegas, but that doesn't mean that I'm far from horses! Not only do many of the fake art objects feature fierce horses, I managed to talk Dean into going to the Tournament of Kings. The only the bad guy had a pretty horse, and doesn't it figure, it was a Friesian. Absolutely […]

Hello from Paris, Vegas Style!

Dean and I hopped on a plane yesterday and headed for sunny Las Vegas.  It's not exactly warm, but it's better than the weather back home.  I was able to avoid eating turkey for yet another year, and celebrated the holiday with a generous helping of shrimp scampi instead.  It took most of the day […]

11/21/07 Pic of the Day

One of the babies not looking too happy about having to stand still. Not much to say today.  Not sure what the posting schedule will be like over the holiday weekend, so if you celebrate Turkey Day, have a happy one.  Heck, have a great weekend even if you don't.  Me, I'll be busy eating.  […]