Happy New Year!

  Things have been kind of quiet on the homefront. We've been hanging out around the house and just enjoying time off of work. I've been whiling away the hours reading and building puzzles online.  Sounds boring, huh? Blondie comes inside at the end of the week, and I can't say I'm too upset about […]

Merry Christmas and Lessons 14 & 15

You'd be pissed if you were forced to run around in 100 degree weather, too! Merry Christmas!  Here's a quick run down of the weekend - Saturday we avoided all malls and shopping centers, opting to head over to our new favorite Indian buffet, Temptations.  It was yummy as always, but the service was not up […]

12/16/07 Snowed In

Well, I actually did the intelligent thing today and canceled my riding lesson.   Normally I would bundle up and and at least make an attempt to drive to the barn - it is just down the street about 8 miles.  However, when I opened the back door to take Buu out, even he was appalled […]

12/11/07 Pic of the Day

Picture that has absolutely nothing to do with my post. Well, Buu has managed to do it again.  He's licked a sore on his leg, this time on his paw.  Oh, on the bottom, so he's limping because it must hurt to put pressure on it.  I don't think it's infected, but he's irritated the […]

12/09/07 Pic of the Day

Another resident of the Cleveland Zoo. I wish I could go back again!" It was a quiet weekend. Spent most of it trying to catch up on reviews. Dean gave me a digital picture frame for my birthday, but I haven't done more than glance over the instruction sheet.  I want to get a bigger […]

12/07/07 Pic of the Day

Today is Buu's birthday! Not really, but since we don't know when it is, I decided that the day he came home with us is his b-day. He's sure changed a lot since he's moved in. Gained about 70 pounds, loves fruits and veggies, and digs taking naps on the bathroom floor. Being the head […]