The Lesson that Wasn’t

Today's lesson was canceled.  There was no power at the barn, and with the blustery weather, M thought a lot of people wouldn't show anyway.  It was so cold when I got up this morning!  From 47 to 10 overnight - Michigan sucks.  The wind was blowing fiercely, and the back door was frozen shut.  […]

Sunday at the Barn

Look at me!  I'm a lawn mower! Here is the first of two catch up posts.  Sunday was the start of a mini heat wave, but I felt colder than when the temps were in the teens. Maybe that’s an effect of humidity? I don’t know, but I was freezing, especially my feet. D is […]

Another Cold Night

I am trying to deal with a sick dog, so I'm a little pressed for time tonight.  He keeps needing to go outside (I'll let you guess what's wrong with him) and the Pepto  is only now starting to work.  No pic and short post.Argh!  It was freezing again last night!  It was about 22 […]

Frigid Friday Lesson

The weather has gotten steadily colder over the past few days, with highs on Sunday expected to be in the low teens.  It wasn't quite that bad on Friday, but it was cold enough to have me reaching for extra hand warmers. At the barn, Jen and I noticed that a new horse has moved […]

Eggs and Spoons

Whoa! Look at the size of those nostrils! We did something different during the lesson last night.  M brought a carton of eggs and a bag of spoons, and after we had warmed up, she gave everyone an egg and a spoon.  Then she told us we were to put our reins in one hand, […]

It’s Hay! and Lesson 19

When I pulled up to the barn, the hay was being delivered.  The guys that bring it are so funny.  The older guy sets the bales on the noisy contraption that lifts them to the loft, and the younger guy runs back and forth stacking the bales.  He's noisy, too, and if I really pay […]