Where is Spring?

The temps plummeted on Wednesday, so I really bundled up before heading to the lesson.  After checking the whiteboard at the barn, I saw that I was scheduled to ride Blondie, so I assumed that we would be taking her to the show on Saturday.  M confirmed this, saying that the first class is a […]

Ghosts in the Shavings Pile!

Jen and I headed off to our lesson yesterday, happy with the break from work.  We are so busy it’s crazy!  Oh, and my internet is fixed, I’m just booked solid this week so I am posting at lunch, which means no picture.  I’ll make up for it later.  I rode Blondie and Jen rode […]

Catching up Again

Argh!  My internet has been down, so I wasn’t able to update over the weekend.  Plus, I was fighting with a hot link issue on my other blog that was sucking the life out of my bandwidth, so, once again, I’m behind on my posts here. No picture today because of the internet problem. Friday […]

Back to the Drawing Board

Look at my new hat! The temperature took another unpleasant dive in the wrong direction.  The turbo heater wasn't on at the barn, either, and it was really cold!  The parking area was a sheet of ice, and I was seriously afraid that I was going to fall and hurt myself.  There is a salt […]

Teeth Suck!

I have been suffering from incredible pain since yesterday.  The whole left side of my mouth feels like a horse stepped on my face.  I went to the dentist today, and thankfully, nothing has abscessed.  Instead, my lower front teeth have shifted again, causing a lot of pressure on the teeth.  The shooting pains are […]

Too Chilly for the Barn

Well, with a wind chill advisory and temps hovering at about 3 degrees (-22 with the wind chill!), I decided to stay home this morning and not venture out into the cold.  Almost everyone was going to the tack sale in South Lyon today, anyway.  D was going to be at the barn to shoe […]

At the Show

After our rather exciting night, I had a very hard time getting up at 6:15.  I was so tired, and I had a headache to boot.  Stupid false alarms! The entire stay at the Hampton was very unsatisfying this time around. At the Pavilion, it seemed a lot colder than it actually was.  I think […]