Sunday’s Lesson and Half a Horse

Today's lesson dawned cold and frosty, once again.  I think the temps are finally supposed to start going up this week.  I'd be happy with 40s!  It was cold enough that poop steamed, but little miss twinkle toes didn't get spooky today. Since Blondie wasn't worked yesterday, she was hell on wheels today.  She wouldn't […]

The Show

Ok, I won't lie - this show sucked.  I was in two classes, and Harley and I were 5th out of 5 both times.  I thought I rode well, but the other horses were mainly more compact and speedier Morgans.  Harley is a huge Saddlebred.  Plus, by the time I hopped on for my last […]

Last Week’s Lessons

It's been a busy week again, so here is a brief recap of the weekly lessons, which took place in temperatures much to cold for spring! Wednesday night was a full group lesson, and I rode Blondie.  After a little struggle with her, she cantered slower than she had been.  We have taken up my […]

I Guess You Had to be There

Monday's lesson was taught by A.  Jen was scheduled to ride Doc, and I was up on Harley.  It felt weird riding him again after riding Blondie pretty much exclusively.  This outing was a laugh a minute, and I don't remember doing much but laughing so hard I thought I was going to fall off […]

Happy Easter!

What do I love most about the holidays?  The fact that hardly anyone goes to the barn, that's what!  I was able to ride Blondie and Glory today! It is cold again, if you have been paying attention to me complaining about the weather.  At least it has been sunny, so there is a fine […]

Is It Really Spring?

A man and my horse Friday's lesson was most notable, not for the lesson itself, but for the snow that was dumped across the state that evening.  I headed off to the barn in a snowy drizzle, and left to find slippery, snow covered roads.  By Saturday morning, we had about 4 inches of snow […]

Starts and Stops

The weather finally seems to be improving! It was about 35 degrees when we left work and headed out for our lesson. I decided to just use 2 hand warmers, and it turned out that I was too warm with all of my layers.Is it finally time to start cutting back? This was the long […]