Back in the Saddle

A week long break from riding apparently did me some good, though it seemed a little torturous at the time.  I headed to the barn with a great deal of anticipation, and even the awful traffic failed to change my mood.  It was a little cooler, which was good as I'm not yet ready for […]

Video from the Horse Show

Here is my first lame attempt to create a video. It took longer to get it up loaded than anything else!  I'll try and make a longer one next weekend, which I actually edit different clips instead of just adding the music.  I'm using Movie Studio, and I know absolutely nothing about the program.  The […]

Forgot to Mention

The highlight of the weekend!  After 2.5 years of horse ownership, Dean finally came out to see my girl!  This miraculous event only occurred because I had to drop Sarah's thumb drive off at the barn.  While we were there, he actually got out of the car and came in to see the horses.   Yay!  […]

Weekend Adventures

Since I'm on a week long break from riding, and it's a long weekend, Dean and I headed out to find some cheap entertainment.  First up, we stopped by Indian Springs Metropark to check out the pond dome again.  Last time we visited in the fall, and the water was so murky it was impossible […]

I Love Your Blog Award

Major thanks to Beckz for admitting, publicly, that she enjoys my blog.  Thanks for giving me the "I Love Your Blog  Award"!  It makes me happy that someone other than my parents tune in to my horsy adventures and that she doesn't think that I've lost my mind (unlike some other people!)  Beckz helms I […]

Just Chillin’

Blondie getting new shoes After the super busy weekend last week, I am finally starting to feel less exhausted.  In retrospect, I should have taken a break from riding on Monday, because I was going to be out late Tuesday to see a movie, which I never do during the week, and the Wednesday riding […]

Quick Show Post

Disclaimer - Not proof read in the slightest bit.  Be nice and ignore the typos. I am so tired!  Having two horses to show is a lot of work, and I'm exhausted!  It doesn't help that the fairgrounds aren't exactly close to the hotel I'm staying at.  I forgot how awful the traffic is on […]

Just Shoot Me Now

So, here I am at the horse show. Or more specifically, back at the hotel. Listening to the construction yahoos congregated outside my door discuss how they don't smoke pot before they're going to drive. Good thinking, guys! Now get the hell away from my door and hang out somewhere else! I will keep this […]