Show Wrap-up and Home Again

This is Blondie's auntie Sunday we headed to the fairgrounds a little later in the morning, and I ate a little more for breakfast.  Good move - I didn't feel sick again like the day before.  I decided to wear my new suit, which I bought two years ago but have never worn.  I didn't […]

Quick Update from the Show

Today was a long day, and it's only 7:30!  We got up at 6, ate some bad free food at the hotel, and headed off to the show.  I didn't eat much, which turned out to be a mistake.  During the trot the first way of the ring, I was so nauseated that I thought […]

Gearing up for the Show

Well, here I sit with Jen, taking a little break after a late lunch.  We went to downtown East Lansing for sushi at Omi, and since Coldstone was giving away free pieces of ice cream cake, that was high on the list of places to visit, too.  Since we had so much left over sushi, […]

Oh, That’s a Scary Tree!

Horses are space aliens.  There is no other excuse for their bizarre behavior.  Monday, Classi was being a pig about her bridle and kept her nose stuck straight out.  M had me drop the snaffle rein and work with just the curb rein, bending and turning her jaw to try to get her to relax.  […]

Where has the Time Gone?

Oh, look at that! It's already Sunday, and I haven't updated in a while.  The big news in Michigan, as in much of the Midwest, is the string of severe storms that blasted through the area.  It seemed that it stormed almost every day!  Each new storm brought more power outages.  We were lucky that […]

Things are Looking Up

After Sunday's feelings of frustration, I wasn't so sure how I felt about riding last night.  I knew I wouldn't be riding Blondie, and since M had to leave to go to a meeting, I doubted that I would be riding Classi.  When Jen called to reschedule her lesson, I discovered I would be taking […]

The Lesson From Hell

PS - In keeping with being a lesson from Hell, I haven't proofread this entry, because I want to pretend the events didn't happen.  Please ignore the typos. Friday was blisteringly hot.  I rode Classi, and worked mainly at getting her head set.  I use too much snaffle in a training bridle, and too much […]

It’s Too Early for This

Monday's lesson was a very rough longe line lesson on Jimmy.  I wasn't very thrilled when I first learned of the lesson plan, but after feeling crabby about it for a bit, I realized that it is something I need to do.  I therefore set about to make the best of it, and worked as […]

At the Barn

Sammy Woke up this morning to discover that all of my websites were down.  Emailing back and forth to tech support at the hosting service, they assured me that the servers were just re-indexing, and everything would be fine in a few hours.  Came back from the barn and they were still down!  It really […]