Wrap up at Country Inn & Suites

We are getting ready to head off again.  Well, I am.  Sarah is snoozing away.  I'll give her a few more minutes, and then I'm dumping a cup of water on her head.  I'm hungry! The bed was very comfortable, and I was actually able to set the temperature on the AC to the perfect […]

Here We Are in Grand Rapids

So, here we are in Grand Rapids, at the Country Inn & Suites.  I decided to only travel half of the distance tonight, because I get up so early in the morning, and I didn't think I could drive all the way without falling asleep.  Plus, the hotel is cheaper than the one in Ludington. […]

Nothing Exciting Here

I rode the new horse on Sunday!  Diesel is a 5 gaited ASB with a few lameness issues.  He was very sweet and very willing to do whatever I asked, as long as I asked correctly.  Getting him to slow gait was a lot harder than getting Cookie to do the same thing.  I never […]

The Show: Friday Edition

The internets are not cooperating, so these will all be posted on Sunday.  Here's the show adventure from Friday: The driving class was uneventful.  Blondie was the only horse in the country pleasure.  Naturally, there were three horses in the show pleasure class.  One horse classes are a total bummer, so it figures that we […]

Oh, the Humidity!

While at first it didn't seem very warm yesterday, I soon learned how wrong I was.  It was overcast and so humid!  Once Jen and I started lugging tack down to the other barn, the humidity made it a little uncomfortable.  That and Jen's phantom spider, that she swore was lurking in her helmet, ready […]

I’m Back!

Did you miss me? Things have been quiet on the horsie front, and I was only able to ride once last week.  That's not such a bad thing, because it was so hot and humid.  The Wednesday lesson was cut short because of the humidity, but I think that it affected me more than Classi. […]

Test Drive #1

I must be nuts, because I'm looking for another horse.  It has been fun leasing Classi, but the summer is almost over, and she'll be going back home.  So, I have scraped together every last penny I can find, and I'm in the market for another pony. Last night I looked at another Saddlebred. He […]

Update Post

  Since I am on horsie hiatus until Monday, here's a quick post of life to the moment - My new hobby is playing with my new HE washer and dryer, which Dean seems to think is really weird.  If you are going to spend that much money on appliances, you should enjoy them.  I […]