Sunday at the Barn

With Benstein open, it only took a few minutes to drive to the barn.  Yay!  That's the way it's supposed to be.  There is still a lot of work left, as the guard rails are missing for the bridge, there's no turn signal installed yet, there's about a 5 inch dip in the asphalt where […]

Labor Day Weekend – Saturday

Why do long weekends seem so magical?  There's really nothing special about them, other than one more day off of work.  Today we had a truly exciting day, heading off to Target to stock up on essentials.  Didn't we just do this?  This is always a painful trip. Our shopping cart, brimming over with purchases.  […]

Friday Fun Continues

Blondie Since I left work early, I called M and asked if she could fit my lesson in earlier.  She told me to come now - I was her only lesson in the evening, and she's trying to get five horses ready for a charity horse show tomorrow. Left for the barn, surprised by how […]

And the Long Weekend Begins!

I had a short day at work, and only really went in to finish payroll and take care of a few loose ends before the holiday weekend.  Things are always quiet on the Friday before a long weekend, and today was no exception.  After delegating a few tasks (thanks for running up to the bank, […]

Diesel Re-do

Diesel As promised, Diesel's shoe had been refitted to his foot.  He hadn't been trimmed, though, so we had to dig through the tack room to find a pair of bells boots big enough for his large front feet.  It's a good thing that I arrived early, because it took a while to find them. […]

Shoes Make the Man

Diesel Today was the perfect day for a riding lesson.  Jen and I arrived at the barn, and while she was getting Harley ready, I was measured for a new suit.  I would like a black one with very thin pink or silver pin stripes, or a muted blue.  The suit maker didn't have any […]

The Zoo – Part Two

Here are more pix from the zoo - Here is the littlest niece's favorite animal.  She wanted to see the giraffes, and she wanted to see them NOW! Since they have a deck where visitors can feed them now (with the purchase of an additional ticket, of course) they come right up to the front […]

At the Zoo

Today Dean and I headed off to the zoo to meet up with my brother and his family.  Once again, it was a hot and sticky day.  We got an early start, and it's a good thing that we did, because the animals were all snoozing in the shade by lunchtime.  We did get to […]

An Ode to Sweaty Horses

Summer Not much to say about last night's lesson other than, Dear God was it hot and humid!  There's something to be said when the horse is sweating before you even put a saddle on its back.  Or when I'm sweating before I even get on.  I didn't realize how awful it was until it […]