Nyk Update

Friday night I rode Nyk, and today I drove him.  Blondie was given the weekend off.  She seems to have settled in with her pasture buddies now, and she and Chester have been together the last few times I've been at the barn.  All of that kicking and screaming at each other must have been […]

Racing around Town

Bentley During the group lesson, I rode Blondie.  I went out to get her, and Chester the Chestnut tried to head us off, but we were too speedy for him.  It helped that he was on the other end of the 5 acres.  Then they screamed for each other all the way to the barn.  […]

Up the the Moment

Quick update because I have been so busy!  Work is very hectic, and my riding schedule is jammed full of lessons - at least for the next three weeks. I rode Harley during the Monday night lesson.  Most excitement - my stirrup hit the back gate as we were going by, and Kim's horse spooked […]

Out in the Field

Nyk & his previous person, Nell Today we rode Nyk with draw reins because he was pulling on the bridle during the group lesson.  This all goes back to me not having a secure seat.  He's not hard to ride, it just takes me a bit to get used to a new horse and to […]