Christmas ‘08

I haven’t been posting much about anything other than the ponies, but I’m going to start buckling down again and update more often with pictures from our travels about town.  Let’s start with Christmas - I went Christmas shopping with a co-worker.  We have been shopping and then grabbing dinner for more than a few […]

Facing My Fears – Again

Ritz cantering Monday night, I faced my fear again and rode Ritz.  I have no problems with this horse as long as I don’t have to canter her.  Once the cantering starts, everything falls apart like a house of cards.  Her rocking canter intimidates me, but I just have to work through this somehow. We […]

Toughing it Out

Harley & Amber If I recall correctly, last year at this time it was actually pretty warm.  None of this negative wind chill nonsense, not to mention actual lows in the single digits.  It was just beastly out last night, and today wasn’t much better.  I hate the cold! Yesterday I bundled up a little […]

Around We Go Again

My Monday lesson was canceled, and I had promised to go on our annual Christmas foray to the mall with a co-worker on Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to ride until Thursday.  I traveled out to the Other Barn, and had the most amazing lesson that I can remember. First, we started out on the […]

Nyk’s Academy Debut

Nyk in Hunter Horse mode I am cursed with a migraine today, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  We took Nyk to the second academy show yesterday, and he acted like the pro he is.  Had a brief moment when he stopped and looked out of a door way, but other than that, no […]