An Irritating Week

Friday's lesson was canceled because of the cold spell that has been plaguing us.  This week was very frustrating, as I dealt with insurance people who didn't know what the heck they were doing.  We had to change health insurance because of a 46% increase in rates, and the boss insisted I deal with the […]

Trying to Meet the Challenge

Sammy Thursday night, it was out to Barn 2.  I was really, really, really looking forward to this lesson, since I had graduated to another horse.  I didn’t know which horse, but it would be a new horse.  It’s always exciting to ride a new horse.  I bundled up, grabbed my iPod, and off I […]

Keeping the Ball Up

Trying to play catch up – here’s a quick post about Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons. An Arctic cold front has moved into town, and let me tell you, it sucks!  Temps are hovering right around zero, with winds chills in the dangerous negative zone.  I learned that toe warmers fit comfortably inside gloves and keep […]

Braided, not Smooth

It was really cold today!  I hate riding when it’s so cold your fingers get numb.  Every breath left a billow of smoke lingering in the air.  Ugh!  We have three more months of this crap!  An Arctic cold front is supposed to blow into town this week, with temps below 0.  Something to not […]