Get Out of the Way!

      Sammy                From Horses During the Tuesday lesson, we did a lot of transition work.  From the walk to the trot, the trot to the walk, and even from the trot to the canter and back down to a trot.  We usually never run into a canter, but since Blondie doesn't have shoes on, M […]

Kongo on the Prowl

      Geo          From Horses Sunday, I trudged through the snow and headed off to the barn.  The roads still weren't very clear from the snow storm the day before, and there was a coating of ice on all of the car windows.  I once again wondered where spring was. Sigh I got Blondie ready first, […]

And You Think You Had a Bad Day

more animals I’ve had a bad day, or this wouldn’t be so funny.  Check out I Can Has Cheeseburgers for more cute animals with silly captions.  It’s one of my favorites sites, and I don’t start my day without it.

Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk

Summer                         From Horses Argh! Last night we worked at that ever exciting gait – the WALK.  Yes, for quite some time, we walked.  And walked.  And walked.  Why? There was a letter put out explaining how important the walk is in a Classic class, and that the judges should conduct them by asking for a […]

Cruising Along

From Horses Thursday, the weather took a violent turn for the frigid.  It was very windy, and the temperatures plummeted.  Yuck.  We are supposed to get slammed by another snowstorm Saturday, something else to look forward to.  Yuck.  I am really hating this winter and wish it would just go away. I drove out to […]

Making Head Way

Argh – I’m having computer problems again.  Let’s not even discuss it, but my PC has to be wiped and reloaded.  I think I am going to have the guys at work set up a wireless connection for me, so I can just use my netbook.  That might cut down on some of this down […]