Awards Banquet

Sunday was a super busy day.  First, I headed off to the barn to visit my ponies.  I rode Nyk in a full bridle and then took a very brief spin on Blondie.  Neither horse was worked for very long, but they worked well, so that was all good.  Then I stopped at home and […]

Riding Update

Last week I had a couple of really good riding lessons.  The weather is finally starting to warm up, too, so spending time at the barn isn’t so unpleasant. Tuesday, I rode Nyk in a show bridle for the first time.  It went very well.  He didn’t pull on the bridle and he just trucked […]

Blue Fin – Howell Style

After the craptastic meal at TW Amigos, I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to try another new restaurant.  My fears were happily unfounded, and Blue Fin turned out to be a wonderful meal.  Great service, nice surroundings, and very tasty food. Things got rolling with a bowl of miso.  It was […]

The Sunday of My Discontent

I had a pretty crappy day today.  I don’t usually blog about the crapper side of life, preferring to focus on the positive, but there wasn’t much positive to zero in on today.  I should have skipped riding, or better yet, just stayed in bed. I headed out to the barn, and knew that things […]

Plugging Along

The weather took an epic turn for crap.  Last Friday was 70 degrees, less than a week later it was in the twenties.  I'm so tired of winter!  It's getting me down and making it difficult to focus on my goals.  The gloomy weather - rain since Saturday, snow today, is having a major effect […]

Another Boring Lesson Post

Tuesday, I headed off to the barn, happy that it was a little warmer than Sunday had been.  At least my water didn't freeze when left sitting in the car.  While I got Nyk ready, M informed me that she put Blondie on Nyk's joint supplement, too.  She was a little off when she was […]

Doing Things the Hard Way

Sunday was bitterly cold.  I bundled up, and headed off to the barn.  It turns out that I shouldn't have worried about being cold because Blondie was being an utter turd and it seemed that I had to fight with her most of time I near her.  I should have known that something was up […]