Counting Down the Days

Only a few more days until we leave for Dayton!  We made  plans for a schedule change, and I am going to drive Blondie Wednesday evening instead of riding her.  I haven’t driven her all year!  This is the last chance, and I didn’t want it to pass me by. We have been practicing patterns, […]

Pictures! And Brief Update from the Barn

Today Sarah and I were the barn photographers.  I took pictures of the baby, and Sarah snapped Dee Dee’s first jumping efforts with someone riding her. I rode Blondie and drove Nyk, and both of them were good little ponies.  Blondie worked so hard on a pattern, and Nyk stayed light in his bridle.  Neither […]

Me and Moonshine

DeeDee On Thursday at Barn #2, I was in for a treat; I was able to ride a new horse.  Moonshine is a 5, and he is being groomed for his new career as a lesson horse.  I used to meet the prospect of riding a new pony with a certain amount of apprehension, usually […]

So You Want to be a Pattern Master

So, Monday I got Blondie ready and we started working on patterns.  M told me to break them down into parts, and even if we blow a part, there are several sequences to a pattern and to just work harder on the next one.  We worked on trotting down the rail, halting at the midpoint, […]

Steady as She Goes

  DeeDee Sorry for the lack of updates.  I gathered up my mobile blogging unit and took it to Anime Expo the week before last.  The evening before I left, I rode Blondie, and we worked on canter transitions.  That is something that I still need a lot of help with, and if I am […]