Sunday at the Barn & Pepper’s Feeling Under the Weather

What a great day for riding!  It was a little chilly in the morning, but not unpleasantly so.  When I arrived at the barn, everyone was crowded in front of Pepper's stall.  The old guy is not feeling well.  He could hardly walk, but he is eating and pooping.  They called the doctor out to check on him.

M helped me get Blondie ready.  When I first got on her, she was really rough at the trot.  M had me bring her back in the center and took her stretchers off.  When she pulled her shoes off, she bruised her heel, and it was a little sore today.  She rode a lot better without the stretchers, and by the end of the lesson, she seemed to be ok.

Blondie was a little lazy today, probably because her foot was bothering her.  We used the German martingale, so she didn't do the annoying head tossy-shaky thing.  She also rode her corners better.  

When we got ready for the canter, we started on our psycho side (2nd way of the ring - clockwise) and she picked it right up!  She was little fast a first, and then I slowed her up a little too much and she started to fall out of it.  She stepped off into a nice canter the other way, too, and actually walked when I asked (most  of the time).  Then M had me trot her into the line up, and we called it quits.  She was really happy with the ride and said that I need to thank Jimmy.  Again!

While I was putting Blondie away, the vet showed up to examine Pepper.  I paused on my way out to watch her treat him.  She took blood, gave him a couple shots, and then gave him an I.V.  That was really weird.  The bottle was about a half gallon of a stinky orange fluid, and it took about ten minutes to administer.  Then she put him back in his stall, suggested they try to slowly hand walk him later in the day, and recommended a recheck in the morning after she ran the blood work.  Poor Pepper can hardly move!  I felt really bad for him and hope he's going to be ok.  He started eating right away once he was back in his stall, and the vet said that's a good sign.

Now I am delaying the task of cleaning up the back yard.  As the snow melts, more and more piles of doggie-doo are being exposed to the air.  I have scooped up about four bags in the past few days.  Yuck! 

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