Lesson 8.5 – What Happened to Spring???

Blondie & Gio

Last night, I rode Blondie again.  M said that after a few more lessons, they're going to throw her into training again, because we have a horse show to get ready for.  She also said that I'm finally learning how to ride my horse!

Despite the drop in temperature, the sun was shining merrily.  This meant that there was a large strip of sunlight coming in under the door at the far end of the ring.  M told me to be ready for Blondie to duck out, because she is a chicken.  I think she is really a vampire horse, as she is so terrified of the sun.  Hopefully she won't start to dissolve when we are outside at the horse shows!

Sure enough, she spun out of the corner and turned tail like the chicken she is.  We spent most of the lesson trying to get her to go past the door.  (M has no problem with this, but I'm not as strong a rider so it took some effort for me!)  After trotting a circle halfway around the arena and expanding it every time around, I finally got her by the door, but she bowed her ribs and started cantering.  Slowing her back to a trot, we kept going around until she didn't canter by.  She did keep speeding up, but it was less and less noticeable every time.

She picked up her canters both ways, but she did cut the corners by the back door.  I did get a better understanding of holding the rein closest to the wall and using the inside leg to hold her over.  I think I will wear a pair of spurs tomorrow and see if that helps to keep her from bowing her ribs out.

I'm sure that by tomorrow she will have forgotten that the sunlight won't eat her, and the struggle with begin again.  At least she's not as cowardly as Harley, who is petrified of lines in the ground.  And the shavings pile.  And the barn cats when he's out of his stall.  And loud noises.  It figures the biggest horse in the barn is biggest chicken, too! 

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