Lesson 8.7

Friday night's lesson was on Harley.  This was a "work on me" lesson.  I haven't ridden him in a while, so I didn't really mind.  It's challenging to try to get him trotting square and flat walking.  He used to weave along the rail, but I can make him walk a straight line now.  Finally, after over a year!

M had me drop my stirrups at a sitting trot, and I didn't have my usual difficulty staying firmly in the saddle.  I was able to keep his speed consistent, and we even trotted figure 8's and circles, though they were rather misshapen. 

I talked to M about picking up another lesson during the week, and she suggested that I come out and ride one of the lesson horses and just get more time in the saddle.  She said I could work on the same things that we covered in the lesson, and also transitions, sitting back in the saddle, whatever.  I think I'll talk to her about it again on Wednesday, pick a day, and go from there.  With the weather getting warmer, I want to ride more!

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