Meeting at Chuck E Cheese!

Saturday, M scheduled a meeting for the academy riders at Chuck E Cheese, of all places.  Did I mention that most of the riders are under 16?  Yup, I'm the oldest. By far.  Boohoo!

Earlier in the day Dean and I made a stop at the Vitamin Shoppe, and I stocked up on multi-vitamins.  Several people have suggested that I start taking supplements, and maybe I'll feel better.  Oh, ok, I'll try anything at this point.  I even purchased a mysterious little tube of tiny white pellets that are supposed to stop my dry, hacking cough.  Surprisingly, they really worked on at first, but now I'm back to coughing again.

After a delicious lunch at Yotsuba, and a little nap, I headed off for the meeting.  If started at 6, and when I got there, Sara and Zoe were just going in.  I met their mom and their brother, and then we started searching for M.  After we found her, she gave each of us some handouts, one entitled Mental Equitation for the Show Ring, and we read over them while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Seven of the riders and their families showed up, and clustering at one end of a table, we went over everyone's strengths and weaknesses, and what we need to do to get ready for the show.  I decided to ride Blondie, and informed M of my decision, and we discussed some of the things Blondie did the last time we took her.  She kept ducking out at the far corner and kept spooking away from the rail where the seating is.  I had kind of forgotten about that....

We talked about what we have to do if our heels weren't kept down or we were on the wrong diagonal.  Kim, the meat-head, shouted, "You have to get off your horse and run around the ring 4 times!"  M said one time would be enough.  Someone asked what would happen to your horse when you're running, and I quickly interjected that it would run with you.  I was thinking that way I wouldn't have to run as fast!  M nodded and said it would be a good way to learn fitting and showing.  Oh, boy - like I'm going to do that!

Before I left, everyone was talking about being at the barn at the same time on Sunday.  I asked if we could have a big group lesson, because they're a blast.  Zoe cringed; she hates them, but I told her it would be fun!  I would be there, how could it not be??

I didn't linger after our strategy session; Chuck E Cheese is a rather sad arcade.  Now, if there had been a DDR machine, I'd have danced the night away!

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7 Responses to Meeting at Chuck E Cheese!

  1. Kim says:
    KIM THE MEAT HEAD! THAT IS NOT NICE!!! I am a perfect little child. you wish u were as cool as me.
  2. Kim says:
    You would not make that group fun. I would have. 🙂
  3. Julie says:
    Only a MEATHEAD would suggest we get off our horses and RUN FOUR times around the arena!!!!
  4. Kim says:
    I suggested that for the better good of the group. You need to run more.
  5. Julie says:
    I am old. I do not need to run more. I need to RIDE more!
  6. Kim says:
    Seriously though Running would help your riding
  7. Julie says:
    Yes, it probably would, but I don’t think I could run 4 times around without collapsing. That would be embarrassing.

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