The Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I went tie shopping with Rich.  When I planned the outing, I forgot that it was Sweetest day.  Good thing  Dean doesn't think too highly of made up holidays, and didn't care that I was going out.  He was, of course, invited, but he begged off.  Since he hates going to the mall, I didn't really expect him to join us.

I dragged my riding suits to Rich's, and showed him the shirts I wanted to co-ordinate the new ties with.  I ended up taking the shirts and the vests to the mall, and leaving everything else behind.

The mall was jam-packed when we arrived.  Everyone must have been out shopping before the Tiger game started.  I just wanted them to go home!  With the crappy weather, I guess people thought that Somerset would be a cheerful place to hang out.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the mall, with a break for an early dinner.  Kim, Mom and Dad all met at Macy's for dinner.  By the time we finished our meal, the crowds had noticeably thinned.  Must have been getting close to start time for the game, and people wanted to stake out their place on the couch.

I managed to pick up some nice dress shirts off the clearance rack at Nordstroms, and scored on some really nice ties at Macy's, which were also in the trash bins.  I opened a charge account, and saved even more off my purchases!  I was even able to find a collar bar with clip ends.

It was a lot of fun getting together with everyone.  In additional to spending time with family, I was able to co-ordinate my riding suits!!  Now I'm basically all set for next year.  Maybe some of you can come to a few horse shows and be totally stunned by me wardrobe - and Blondie's beauty, of course!

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