Sunday at the Barn – Spring is Here (I hope!)


Sunday was another busy day at the barn.  Right after I arrived, Kim, Audie, Laurie, and Brooke showed up, right after another.  Zoe and Sara were already there, getting Jimmy, Wildchild, and Blondie ready for a small group lesson.

Just before hopping on Blondie, I pulled my spurs out of my brush box.  I was hoping they would be an added incentive to get her around the back wall.  She wasn't going to be wearing blinkers so we can start getting her (and mostly me, I think!) ready for the show in April, and I was afraid I would need a little extra leg power.

This was a really good ride, except that she wasn't flat walking, and she kept throwing her head around again.  I hate the head thing; she jerks me right out of the saddle every time she does it! M told me to ignore it; they'll fix it.  Let me tell you, it's really hard to ignore when your horse constantly drops her head or jerks it up.  She's worse than Jimmy now!

I was on the wrong diagonal when she stuttered a few times, but M said that since I was riding her so well, I didn't have to run around the arena.  Yea!  I don't know if I could run around the arena dragging her along after me anyway!

When we cantered, I kept sticking her with the spurs, making her speed up. M told me that I  need to really work on keeping legs down, relaxed, heels out and away from her sides.  When Blondie  continued to drop her head while we were cantering, M told me to jerk the inside rein, hard.  It almost made the horse stand up, but she kept cantering and she stopped tossing her head around.

It was a really nice day, and after watching the next group lesson, I headed over to Beaners.  I had a coupon for a Mocha Mint something, and I wanted to test out my Acer laptop to make sure it still works.  I would rather drag it around Long Beach than my monster Lenovo.  I was very disappointed that the laptop was not working as desired; the backlighting seems to be messed up.  I took it to work, and the battery on the bios is dead, so it's a cheap fix.  I hope.  The laptop was still in pieces today when I left work today.

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