Lesson 8.8

During Wednesday's lesson, I rode Blondie.  There were five of us in attendance for the lesson, including Maggie, who rode Sammy for the first time.  She's a really good rider, and she didn't have any problems with him.  Her weakness seems to be pattern work.

M put cones out to make the ring about the same size as the show ring in East Lansing.  Ours was still wider, but it was about as long.  We worked on trotting, flat walking, and changing direction at a trot. This was really funny because all of us headed into the middle to make these dramatic passes in front of the judge, and almost collided with other horses.  When we reversed again later in the lesson, we all stayed on the rail.  M made fun of us for suddenly becoming cowardly.

At the canter, Blondie got ahead of me and I lost control of the steering wheel.  She cantered right through the make-believe rail.  I shortened up the reins, swung her back around and into the ring.  She did pick up the correct lead, and M said later that she and D will be standing by the gate the wave the horses back into the ring.  She then demonstrated by waving her arms all over the place.  Yeah, very funny....

Again, the only thing that marred the ride was Blondie's sudden bad habit of tossing her head violently in every direction.  M told me to ignore it, ride her straight, and keep her in her corners. We'll fix it later.  When we were walking the horses out, she said that if Blondie started getting antsy, to bring her in and hop off.  We had a good ride and she didn't want anything to ruin it.  I think Blondie was too tired to put up much of a fuss, because she was walking like a broke down trail horse by then.