A Wet & Rainy Sunday at the Barn

Yuck! What a crappy day!!  Dean doesn't even want to go out and get something to eat!  Good thing I threw some curry fixings in the crock pot before I left for the barn.

I rode Harley first, and M had me go into the arena and work by myself, trying to figure things out on my own.  The problem with Harley is that he's so push-button, there's not much to figure out with him!  I did work on transitions, and making him wait and walk with his head tipped before letting him step off into a canter.

Blondie was next, and M rode her first.  As she worked her, she mentioned that today was best she has racked for her.  Then it was my turn, and things weren't quite so smooth. 

I have to keep my hands down when I ask her to trot now, which isn't such a big deal, but I'm not used to it yet.  I am sitting too far forward to rack correctly, though, and I wasn't pulling her head back far enough.  M said it's really hard to learn to rack on a horse that is just learning the gait, so they'll have me  start riding Woody.  I'm starting to get nervous about getting it right before April - most of the next month is shot between the horse sales and the Disney trip, so I won't be able to knuckle down and really start to learn until the first week of December!  Time is just flying by so fast!

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