Lesson 9.1

After escaping early from work with a dreadfully painful sore throat, I tanked up on pain relievers, sneaked in a little nap, and felt well enough to head off for a slightly early riding lesson. 

I rode Blondie, and she's rediscovered her fear of the back gate.  This is getting so frustrating!  My leg is not strong enough to keep her going forward, and the first time she spun out, I locked up on her, making her decidedly light on her feet.  She walks, trots and canters by that door at least a hundred times a week; why she has to have a problem with it when I'm riding her is beyond me.

We spent most of the lesson working her past the door.  When she stopped paying attention to it, M had me ask for a canter.  Then she had me slow Blondie to a trot and line up in the center.  Since this is the first time I've done this on Blondie, it was quite ugly. 

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