Lesson 9.2

Another crappy day! It’s April 11, and it’s snowing! Then, as I was getting ready to go to the barn, it started sleeting. Wonderful!

I rode Sammy, because M believes that after struggling with him, I ride better. He can be rather challenging, but in a different way than Blondie. With Blondie, I’m always waiting for her to duck out on the corners or spin around from the back gate; her main focus is getting out of work. With Sammy, the struggle is to keep him focused on what he’s supposed to be doing, instead of what he wants to do, which seems to be going as fast as he possibly can.

Since I don’t have to worry so much about him being stupid and going anywhere other than forward, I was able to concentrate on me this lesson. I worked on sitting back, and M said that my back looked really good. I worked on keeping my knees rolled in and my heels down, though at the canter I lost whatever correct position I had. I was able to canter the rail instead of just going around in little circles.  I even tried to use another horse as a blocker so he wasn't charging full-steam ahead.  This was a lot of work!  When we dropped back to a walk, I headed into the middle to catch my breath, and was surprised that I was steaming more than the horse.  It wasn't even that cold out! 

Saturday is the academy show, and M said that Robert is going to ride Blondie, too.  I said that it would be great if he rode before me, to get her a little settled down, but I usually ride in the first class.  M told me that she's thinking of switching my classes around so he will show first.  Unfortunately, this also means that I'll have to ride in an equitation class.  Boo.

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