Sunday at the Barn – It’s time for a show bridle!

 I suck - I didn't proofread this entry, either - sorry!

What a lovely day!  The weather is starting to improve, and maybe spring is here to stay!  It was nice not having to wear a pair of long johns, though I did pull on a pair of heavy wool socks.  I hate having cold feet.

Yesterday at the show I asked D when we were going to start using Blondie's show bridle.  He already has been, so I asked when I would start using it.   The first real show is in a month!  When I got to the barn today, he had the girls get out the show bridle.

D warmed her up first, and then I got on.  He told me to just walk at first, and try to get a feel for the bridle.  He is thinking of putting us in an amateur park class, depending on whether or not she is flat walking for me.

We starting trotting, and I wasn't using the snaffle rein enough.  Then she stopped and started back up and spinning around and I couldn't get her going forward again.  It's so frustrating because I don't know what to do to get her going forward again, and that's why I get into so much trouble riding her.  Do I whack her with the whip; if so, where? Do I loosen up the reins or pull her one way or another? Do I kick her, pull her mane, or just get off and forget the whole thing?  It's very discouraging.

D mentioned that he thought the saddle tilted me forward, because it did for him,   and he had someone get a riser pad.  I got off and he put it under the saddle, and had me try riding with it.  I didn't feel like I was tipping forward all the time, and was better able to sit back.

Then we started off again, with D shaking the bag whip and banging on the wall. When Blondie started scooting, he told me to just sit, that posting was for amateurs.  That's good to know, since I never seem to be on the correct diagonal when I'm riding her anyway!

He kept the lesson short, and then suggested that I ride Harley in a full bridle, but M wanted to work him in one first.  I ended up just riding him with a german martingale.  During our ride, Kim and Sammy had a driving lesson, and when D started snapping the bag whip around, Harley collected right up and it felt like he was trotting really cute.  He is such a sweetie; maybe in 12 more years, Blondie will be, too.

After Kim's driving lesson, Sara had to run her five laps around the arena, with Kim egging her on the entire time.  During her punishment for blowing her diagonal and losing her class, she had to yell, "I've been taking lessons for 10 years and I'll never blow my diagonal again," or something equally humiliating. She was supposed to run with a ball between her knees and her toes turned in, but, sadly, nobody could locate the ball.  For the last lap, Zoe, and Audie joined Sara and Kim, and the group ran laughing around the the arena.  Or maybe it was the spectators laughing at the group. 

After everyone cleared out, I cantered Harley, and I think I understand how to tell if he's on the correct canter lead now.  He cantered nice and slowly, and after a few circuits around in each direction, I called it a day for him.

While Audie and Laurie were riding, I went and changed into the suit I bought on eBay.  I wasn't sure if the pants needed to be altered.  M liked it and said the shirt I picked for it was really nice, too.  She checked the legs and said that even though they were a little long, I would probably be better off to just leave them because of the flair by the boot.  I'm glad that the suit met with her approval, because I purchased a matching hat and gloves last week.

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  1. Kim says:
    Im pretty sure it was a laughing group running and the spectators were laughing cauz we’re just too cool.

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