Youma Con Plans

If anyone is interested, I'm planning on arriving early at Youma Con.  Registration opens at 9am.  To my friends and family who are attending (all 4 of you!), what time are you planning on being  there?  Want to meet for breakfast before?  Erik, are you going?

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6 Responses to Youma Con Plans

  1. Mara says:
    Who’s the fourth? Did you want to meet somewhere out for breakfast, or would you like to drop by my house to eat? I’m not far from where Youmacon will be, but I may not be on the route you are taking.
  2. Julie says:
    I am hoping to get about 7 people together, so I think it will be easier to meet out somewhere. Is the Denny’s at Crooks & 16 still open? Or there should be a decent coney island over there. The place in Clawson on Main St isn’t bad, from what I remember.
  3. Erik says:
    I’m still planning on attending Youmacon on Saturday. I hope to arrive fairly early. I pre-registered, but I don’t want to stand in line long if I can help it. 🙂
  4. Julie says:
    Erik, did you want to meet us for breakfast?
  5. Erik says:
    I’ll pass on breakfast, but thanks for the invite. It would force me to get up even earlier, but more importantly, I’ll be in costume. I don’t think Denny’s is prepared to serve Fai yet. ^^
  6. Julie says:
    Oh, I don’t know about that. It would certainly give them something to talk about!

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