Lesson 9.2


The weather is getting so nice, I'm getting really pumped about the fast approaching show season!  It's hard to feel enthusiastic about anything when it's 20 degrees.  It's good thing that spring is finally starting to roll into town, as I am down to only one package of hand warmers.

Wednesday, M asked if I wanted to ride Jimmy, who was in the barn, or Wild Child, who was outside.  I picked Jimmy, because he was already in.  D was shoeing horses, so a few of the horses had been put into any stall that was open, so after shifting them around, Jimmy ended up in the aisleway.  I asked what martingale I should use, and M asked D what he thought.  He wanted to know who was riding Jimmy, and when I said I was, he quickly corrected me. I, it appears, was going to be riding Aurora.  Uh, ok, if you say so.

Aurora is one of the younger horses in the barn, and I've never ridden her before.  She's younger than Blondie, and that to me was a small cause for concern.  D assured me that she's more broke than my psycho mare, so I started getting her ready, thinking that I would have to tighten my helmet a little more than normal.  Just in case.

After I had her bridled, D said he had to tie her tongue down.  Why for? I wondered.  So she doesn't take off with you, they told me.  Tie it!  Tightly!

I was a little nervous before I hopped on, but after Aurora failed to show any of Blondie's stupid tenancies, I started to relax.  My steering could have used some work, but she just tracked around the arena, intent on her business.  When it came time to canter, I admit that I freaked myself out, and it took a could of tries to get her moving.  The first time I didn't have her set up correctly, so it was just a wasted effort, and then M said I was digging both legs into her sides.  I have figured out that I hate asking a horse to canter; once we're doing it, I'm fine with, but getting them set up is a skill I have definitely not mastered!

No lesson on Friday night because there's a judging show that M is taking a couple of horses to.  The short break actually came at a good time, as I am swamped with CMX galley copies to review. 

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