Sunday at the Barn

Spring is here!  Is it going to stay?  For the sake of my blooming flowers, I sure hope so!

First off, I warmed up Harley for Brooke.  He was a little stiff, to say the least.  The horses had their shots last week, and Harley, ever the sensitive beast, was not faring well after his.  I felt really bad making him trot and canter.  I'm sure he stiffened up because he was just standing around, but he moved like a crippled old man.  He was moving a little easier at the end, but he was still really gimpy.

Next, D warmed up Blondie.  She looks so pretty when he's riding her!  She holds her head up and tucks her nose in, and looks like a million bucks.  Then I get on and she turns into a shit.

I think I did better with the full bridle this time, and it helped that she didn't give the door a second glance. Now, however, I'm having trouble turning her.  The one time I didn't ease up on the inside rein.  I don't know what I suddenly changed so that this is now a problem.  Hopefully I'll figure it out fairly quickly...

She flat walked very nicely at first, and D even commented how nice she was being.  Then we reversed and she started to jig and eventually broke into a canter.  Then D told me to make her canter 10 time around.  If she doesn't want to walk, then she's going to work harder instead.  After we shifted back to a walk, she was pretty as pie.

After putting her away, I stayed and watched Sara, Laurie, and Audie ride in a group lesson.  Sara rode Woody, and he was being such a huge turd!  Every time he turned the far corner by the in gate, he broke into a canter.  By the end of the lesson, Sara was a pink as her shirt! 

D didn't like how lazy Gio was being, so after telling Laurie to make him give her more twice, he finally waited until they trotted by and cracked the longe whip across his rear.  Good thing Laurie's a good rider, because Gio didn't like that one bit and started hopping around. He did step up, and looked really cute the next time around!

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