Lesson 9.3

Wednesday's lesson was on Sammy.  I hopped on, and when he started to trot, I thought I was going to fall off!  What happened to my easy lesson?  Sammy was really strutting his stuff, to the point M had me raise my stirrups a hole.  I spend the whole lesson concentrating extra hard on not getting jarred loose from the saddle.  Kim, how do you stay on this guy at the horse show??

Anyway, before the lesson I had declared that I would make him canter in a nice, slow little ball, but after struggling so much to just keep my seat steady, I started having second thoughts about even wanting to canter him.  Of course it's not really an option, and off we went.  I used a horse in front of us for a blocker, and really worked on keeping him slow.  And slow he was!  It's the nicest he's ever cantered for me, but my arms were so sore by the time we were finished.  For an old boy, he still has some nice moves.  My next challenge is keeping his head and neck straight.

I found out that there is a Morgan show this weekend, and so there wouldn't be any lessons Friday or Sunday.  This really bummed me out, as the weather is getting beautiful, and the first show for Blondie is in just three weeks!  I'll be in Chicago the weekend before, so we don't really have a lot of riding time to get our act together.  And there's no lesson on Wednesday, because they have to go pick up a horse.  Boohoo.  At least M let me double up on a lesson Monday night.  Maybe I can pick up another one the following Monday?

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  1. Kim says:
    Sammy boy is the coolest horse you know! He’s a cool old man who dosent know he’s old. And quite frankly he’s cool. haha

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