Sunday at the Barn and Blondie has new Shoes!!

When I arrived at the barn today, Blondie was in the cross ties getting fitted for new shoes!  Yeah!! D thinks she's racking well enough to put her shoes back on.

While he was working on Blondie, I took Harley for a spin. I don't know what his deal was today, but everything inside the arena was causing him fits.  He was jumping at everything when I first took him in.  I think the dirt mixed in with the sawdust was just too upsetting for him; the dark patches must have looked like a horse eating monster.  I find it hysterically funny that he's such a chicken!

After I put Harley away, I finished getting Blondie ready so D could check her shoes.  He rode her around a few times, then had M get on so he could watch her move.  He decided that she needs a little more weight on her back shoes, and declared that he thinks she'll be racking like a champ by January.

Then M finished getting Woody ready, and I had my first real lesson on a gaited horse.  There is such a huge difference between how Woody and Harley trot.  Woody is loftier, and I kept getting pitched up in the saddle.  When we started slow gaiting, I had to drop my stirrups a hole because I couldn't keep my leg loose enough where they were.  You're supposed to sit like a noodle when you're racking, and not grip with your legs.  Your ankle should be loose and bump against the horse's side, while you're hands are also loose, and you wiggle the bit left or right to keep them going.  This is so much harder than it sounds!  I did keep him going all the way around at a nice pace, so we called it a day at that point.

D & M are also going to be attending some winter academy shows this year.  I can't make the Nov 11th show, but I plan on going:




There is also a show in March and April.  They are informal horse shows, the riders wear lesson attire, and ride lesson horses.  I need all the practice I can get, so I am going to ride in as many of the shows as I can.  When I have more details regarding the location, I'll post it in case any of you are interested in coming to see me.  I think the shows are in East Lansing, but I'm not positive.

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