Lesson 4, Block 6


Sadly, it seems that fall is over and winter is already here.  It was so cold last night, and I had 2 thermals and a sweatshirt on!  I am so dreading winter and frozen fingers and toes.

Audie and Laurie had their lesson early because they had to be somewhere later, so the group lesson was just Kim and me.  I hopped on Jimmy after Laurie got off, and it was off to the races.  He would not walk for me again.  I was left alone in the arena for about 10 minutes, so I slowed him to a sitting trot, and then moved back to a posting trot, and then I thought we should walk a little so he wouldn't get too tired during the lesson.  M was back by then, and she talked me through how to get him to a walk, but I never could get a nice, collected walk.  His totally annoying habit of dropping his head every 4th step kept pulling me up to brace in my stirrups, and I couldn't use my seat to slow him down. 

About his dropping his head habit; he does this at the walk. He does it at the trot.  He even does it at the canter.  It was really starting to piss me off!  M told me not to worry about his head when we were cantering, to just let him go.  Then she worked on correcting my leg position, to sit back in the saddle, and not stand in the stirrups.  But every time he pulled, I ended up standing at the front of the saddle.  My crappy posture then comes into play, because I round my shoulders and then my leg goes forward.  It was so frustrating!  I am so glad that things will (hopefully) be back to normal next week in terms of the lesson schedule.  I have to get the canter demon fixed before next April!