MHSA Spring Show – A Driving We Will Go

See ya later, suckers! Me and Blondie going for a spin

Saturday was a no stress day at the horse show.  I didn't have any classes, so I was able to sleep in a little, and I even stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast.  Not as good as the Waffle House, but much better than the sad spread at the Comstock Inn.

I arrived at the fairgrounds, only to hop back in my car with Laurie and head back to Bob Evans!  Laurie M and her kids came too, and we had a great time laughing at stupid stuff.  I was just going to have coffee, but Laurie H said she'd never be able to eat all of her delicious looking strawberry french toast, so I let her talk me into eating a slice.  The vanilla cream sauce was yummy!  Then Laurie M tried to force me to eat some of her stuffed pancakes, but I really couldn't help her out.  Too many breakfasts upset the stomach.  Audie even amused us by yanking out a loose tooth and bleeding all over the place.  If you had been there, you would have died laughing, too.

Checking her tack

Back at the show, D hooked Sammy up to the jog cart and Kim climbed in the cart.  I ran around taking pictures of them, and then D brought Blondie out.  I asked if I should change into my jods, and he said no, I was going to drive her.  He warmed her up, and I got a couple of good pics, before he took her into the ring.  And brought her right back out again because they had just watered it, and he said it was just a nasty muddy mess.

I climbed in, and instead of trotting up and down the road outside our barn, he had me take her around the block.  I didn't like trotting her out into the busier traffic by the end of the arena, and there were chairs set up in the road on the otherside of the barn, which just freaked Blondie out.  I wasn't expecting them to be there, either, and in my surprise I almost ran her into a trash can.  Not good....

Me, Blondie, and the scary trash cans!

When we got back to our barn, I told D that I didn't like taking her around the outside of the arena because there was too much stuff to run into, so he suggested that we got the other way, around the outside of the barns to the far side.  This proved to be worse, as people refused to move their horses over when they heard us coming, or just stood in the middle of the road.  Hello, stupids!  I'm still in driver's ed!!

Sammy, pretending to be a bunny!

I took her back to where D was waiting and asked if we could jog around the arena, despite it being nasty.  He warned me to not even smile, or she'd kick mud into my mouth.  Yuck!  He wasn't far off, either!

It's a lot more fun driving her in a larger arena than the one at home.  Blondie's a tall horse, and she has a long stride, and at the barn, we're at the end  of the straight-away before you know it.  Here, I could actually concentrate on things other than constantly turning her. 

D had us trot, then transition to a walk, and halt.  We backed, walked off, moved to a trot, and then to a road trot.  We reversed at a walk, and at a trot, and I learned a very important thing:  Don't ever stop at a angle near a wall!  I got into a bit of trouble when she didn't want to walk off because the wall was right in front of her.  I'll never make that mistake again!

D must have liked the way she looked, because I'm going to be driving her at the next show.  I can't believe that I agreed to wear a dress and heels to drive a horse! What moron came up with the dress code for this??  I don't even own a dress!  Driving is rather dirty, too.  The horse throws up clumps of dirt, and it ends up on the driver.  Who wants to wear a dress for that?  I even had dirt in my pockets!

This is D at the wheel - he can keep her more collected than I can

Saturday night was a late one, with Kim's driving class the last one on the schedule.  It was dark outside by the time she had to show, and there is a lack of lighting at the fairgrounds.  Some clueless individual almost backed into her and Zeb, but fortunately there were no incidents.  By the time Kim's class ended, it was after 10, and I was starving.  There was an exhibitors dinner at 3 (2 hours earlier than scheduled, because the session ended so early), but I was hungry again.  I stopped at Taco Bell and grabbed a taco, and was dismayed to learn that there was a reception at the Comstock Inn.  And the "disco," complete with a DJ, was right under my room!  I could hear the DJ even with my earplugs.  I didn't get much sleep, and I'm not really happy about it....