MHSA Spring Show Wrap Up

It was a b!tch getting up this morning!  I didn't get much sleep, and I had to be back at the barn by 7:45. Laurie and I were going in the second class, and the show started at 8:30.  Laurie and Audie have been commuting, and they arrived a little after 8 - just in time to start rushing around because they still had to get ready for their classes.

The weather today just sucked!  It was cold and drizzling, and there wasn't much promise that it would be improving.  Yesterday was such a lovely day, too!  What happened?

I got on Blondie first and started warming her up.  She did not like trotting by the trash cans.  Or the parked vehicles.  Or the people walking in the road.  She is such a chicken!  She only gave me a little bit of trouble, though, and did what I asked, even though she was still a little nervous about it.  It didn't help that Gio, being a handful, side-stepped into a huge planting box and knocked it over!  Both of the horses freaked out about that. I don't understand why they line all this crap outside of the barns; it's like an accident waiting to happen.

When we moved down to the waiting area in front of the ring, D had us trot up and down the road.  All of a sudden I heard Laurie yelling for Gio to stop, and when I turned around, D was running as fast as he could after them!  Good God!  The class was about to start, Laurie was careening around the fairgrounds on the Devil horse, D was nowhere to be seen, and I freaked out a little.  What if Gio's stupidity was contagious?  What if Blondie turned into an out of control b!tch, too?  Wait a minute!  She already is....

Not knowing if D and Laurie would make it back in time for the class, I trotted up to another trainer and explained that my trainer suddenly had issues, and I didn't know if he'd be back, and could she please let me know if I picked up the correct canter lead.  She said sure, no problem.  I have to say that all of the trainers, even the ones that I don't even know, are very nice.  Even though D and Laurie did make it back, the other trainer was good for her word and let me know that I was good on the leads.

This guy was really enjoying the show!

The class went pretty well, I think.  Blondie did everything I asked her too.  She stepped into the canter the first way, but I had to stop her the second way and ask again because I didn't hold my leg on her enough and she started trotting.  She stood much better in the line up, though she kept fidgeting and backing up, even though she was on a loose rein. 

I need to work on collecting her a little better, and on settling down myself.  Since I don't feel that I ride her enough, I don't know how to get her to give me more yet.  I still don't feel comfortable riding her.  I hope I start riding her more now...

We didn't finish in the top six, so I was a little disappointed with that.  Laurie and Gio didn't place either.  It was a big class, with ten entries, and there were a lot of nice horses in the ring. 

Later, Laurie told me what happened with Gio.  He just took off, and she couldn't get him to stop.  He was bucking and rearing, and she lost a stirrup.  She grabbed mane, and started to really worry that she was going to come off, without her helmet, onto the hard road.  She finally circled him around a truck, and he slowed down.  When D caught up with them, he was not happy with the horse.  The curb rein snapped somewhere along the way, too!  I'm so glad nobody got hurt!

J and Kaison went shortly after.  J has been riding about a year and a half, too, and she bought an Arab hunter during the winter.  He bucked on her when she asked for the canter in her first class, so they gave him a really long warm up today, and M rode him yesterday in a class.  He was fine during the warm up, and then they called for their class.

Everything was going well until the canter the second way.  In hunter classes, they call for a hand gallop, which is supposed to be a noticeable change in speed from the canter.  I had been looking at another horse, when D said something like, "That total piece of sh!t."  Kaison was racing out of control, and J could not get him to stop.  The announcer called for all of the other horses to halt (there were about 8), and J started turning him in a circle at the end of the arena until the stupid horse stopped.  They were excused from the class, and she was very upset with her first show experience.  I don't know what it was about this show, but the horses were totally out of control!  I hope they behave better at the next one!

After the class, I snapped a few pics for Laurie, who is a freelancer for the Saddle Horse Report this summer.  I was her show photographer, so I might get some pictures published in the magazine!  What does this mean?  Nothing!  I'll get a picture credit in the magazine, and that's about all. 

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